Tenant Stories

Meet Jo, Loz and Emily

Jo, Loz and Emily entered the best Christmas tree competition and decided to go to West Midlands Safari Park as their prize.

They had the windows down so all the animals came right close to the car, Emily said “they weren’t scared”, but Loz was cautious of the Lions as he said they “might eat us”. They then ventured into a bat cave and had bats flying above their heads, before moving on to the reptile house, where they saw snakes, turtles, bearded dragons, iguanas and big hairy spiders. They went through the aquarium, saw lots of fish, and watched the sea-lion show and even got a wave off Callum the sea-lion!

The day still wasn’t done there, there was rides! Emily and Loz got soaked on the log flume and screamed on the ghost train. Jo was happy on the carousel and giant swings and they all went on a dumbo ride before finishing their day with a drink and ice cream.

They said, “we had a fabulous day, so thank you very much for our fab prize, we all enjoyed making fabulous memories”.