Moving In

When you are about to move into a new home, there are often many questions or even worries surrounding the change. We would like to take the worry out of your move and make sure your new home is the start of a new, exciting part of your life as you move into your BeST home.

All our properties have a support provider who will have already sent us through a detailed referral form. This information is then used to make sure the correct property is carefully chosen and that any adaptions or changes needed are completed so that the property is bespoke for you.

There might be a transition period, where you can visit the property and meet any existing tenants, this way you can confirm if the property is right for you and that you will enjoy living there.

If you decide everything is ok, we will then arrange a move in date with you and your support provider. On that day, you will be supported with everything you need, this will include going through your tenancy agreement with your housing officer and making sure you understand all you need to know about living in your new property.

Your housing officer will always be on hand to help with any tenancy queries or concerns, they will also visit your property once a year to check that everything is ok.

You will be liable for utility bills and council tax (if you are a sole occupant) in your new home and your support provider will be able to help you set up payments for this.